In 2001 the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association commemorated the one hundredth anniversary of the Calgary Spring Purebred Cattle Sale by sponsoring a mural on the Calgary Stampede grounds.

The first spring sale held in 1901, soon became well know throughout the continent as the Calgary Spring Bull Sale. It was noted for the high quality of breeding stock on offe

Our successful submission to the mural design competition
depicting the scene of the first sale, 1901

The design was based on compositions of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec
who depicted space in ways that show off crowds of individuals in period costume.
Figures are representative rather than highly realistic.

Compositions by Toulous-Lautrec

Mural painting begins on the Stampede grounds just before the big show opens, workng from scaffolding directly onto pre-mounted wooden sign-board.

First step is to paint the faux-frame so that the mural appears to be a giant painting hung on the wall, which in fact, it is.

Then begins the searching out of the image.

With painted frame masked work continues, blocking in figures as large masses.

Most of the painting is done with rollers on long poles.

Near the end of the Stampede a formal dedication takes place below the near finished mural.
The mural lasted ten years but when the building was torn down in 2012 the mural was destroyed.
At that time it was determined to have the mural re-painted, this time on a more durable material, to be re-mounted in a suitable location...
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