Thinking and Painting BIG?

Students will work cooperatively to create a larger than life picture for their school. From the first concept to the final signing, a mural requires teamwork. Drawing skills, design and composition, colour theory, colour mixing, and brush techniques will be explored.

The result will include an exhibition of finished, student drawings, as well as the completed interior or exterior murals.

Stan Phelps, B.F.A., is an Alberta painter, printmaker, and educator, with thirty years experience painting murals.
He has worked in many schools around the province as an Artist in Residence, introducing students to a wide range of art disciplines, from mural painting, to cartooning and inflatable sculptures.
He is, at present, the co-proprietor of the Heart Studio in Calgary, a multi-disciplined facility offering art classes, workshops, exhibitions, and special events such as live music, poetry readings, and children's theatre. He is, as well, the director and Artist in Residence of the Historic Perrenoud Ranche Art Centre, a Provincial art facility near Cochrane, Alberta.


Contact Person:
214 11 Street N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 1X1
403 283 0694

e mail:
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Length of Residency: 5 days - 20 days
Max. # of Student Involved: 25 - 30 / class, including all classes in each school
Grade Levels: Kindergarden - 6; and 7 - 12
Number of Artists in Company: one

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