"Some Day My Prints Will Come: Printmaking in the Classroom"
and "Crossing the Fine Line: Illustration Techniques"

Students experience the world of printmaking and learn about print techniques such as relief-printing, collographs, stencilling, and mono-printing with a printing press.
Included during this curriculum-based program will be an introductory slide presentation and a mini-exhibit of the artist's prints, followed by a culminating art celebration/exhibition of completed student art work.

Employing a similar format, students will learn about various "illustration techniques."
Included in this residency, using curricular themes, will be instruction and hands-on learning with watercolour or acrylic painting, drawing media and techniques, claymation illustration, colour-theory collage, recycled paper-making, and various sculptural procedures involving mask-making, wire, clay, plasticine.

Carole Bondaroff, born in Montreal, received her B.F.A. in Fine Arts and B.A. in Art Education from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Halifax.)
Carole has 35 years of experience as an art educator, incorporating curriculum-based subjects with fine art projects. She is an active artist in printmaking and watercolour painting. She is a co-proprietor of the Heart Studio in Calgary, and her artwork is represented nationally and internationally.


214 11 Street N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 1X1
403 283 0694

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Length of Residency: 5 - 15 days
Max. # of Students Involved: 25 - 30 / class, all classes in each school
Grade Levels: Kindergarden - 6, 7-12
No. of Artists in Company: one