The MuralAct is about transformation
This page follows the MuralAct process through one project.
Typically The MuralAct begins with a wall. The citizens of the Town of Slave Lake elected to cover this wall with mural art.

A design was selected based on the boreal forest and nearby Lesser Slave Lake.
The picture is blocked in with colours complementary to those intended for the finished picture; red substitutes for green, blue for orange etc. This allows us to get a sense of proportion quickly and the underpaint will add richness to the colour of the finished mural.
The composition is refined and naturalistic colour is introduced in the sky, lake and foliage. We begin to adapt the composition to fit with an unforeseen element of the street; the curve of the curb is followed by the curve of the lakeshore in the picture.
Our technique of painting with rollers or brushes at the end of long poles, enlarging the design by eye rather than projecting, allows us to make adjustments on site.
The design adapted to the street leads the viewer's eye comfortably into the illusionary space.
The above mural, "Boreal Forest" took about a week to paint with optimum weather conditions and well prepared wall.

Costs vary according to:
- size
- accessibility of the wall
- texture
- equipment required such as scaffolding

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