"We will remember them"
The Stony Plain Legion Hall project

Poppy fields springing to life on the battle fields of World War I cheered and gave hope to those who survived the carnage. The poppy declared itself the symbol of hope enduring sorrow and has become the recognized and eloquent symbol of life and beauty arising from death and destruction.

In this mural poppy fields recede toward a distant horizon where we see, on the right the Vimy Ridge memorial commemorating the triumph of Canadian forces and the fallen in World War I, on the left a distant marine assault commemorating the Juno Beach landing of Canadian forces on D Day, June 6th , 1944, World War II.

The scene is background to photos that recede to the left and right
On the left photos of equipment and operations particular to land, sea and air forces,
on the right, photos of local people who have served in the forces.

In the centre the Legion memorial statement, an except from "The Ode to Remembrance"
and a Padre blessing a fallen soldier in a mirage of crosses.