In 1991 the Town of Stony Plain, Alberta, honoured its pioneer tradesmen with this mural depicting the blacksmith shop of Jacob Schram, circa 1910. The design by Stan Phelps was entitled "Morning Light" (see Blacksmith Shop). The site of the mural was very near to the location of the old blacksmith shop. The street depicted through the door of the shop in the mural was the same street, in 1910, seen to the left of the mural in 1991.
Ten years after the mural was painted the old building it was on had to be removed. A decision was made to repaint the "Morning Light" on the building next to it.
In 2004, standing where the old building stood, we start to block-in the blacksmith shop for the second time.
In the second version of "Morning Light" a slightly narrower format forced a change in composition. To counter the smaller format we enlarged the figures of Jacob and his helper, in effect zooming in on the figures. This leaves the impression that the mural itself is larger.

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