Paintings by Keith Holmes
Iteriors 2

I like the term "Still Life"
It fills inanimate objects
with implications.

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30"x 40"

"Studio Music"
16"x 20"
"Blue Vase"
18"x 18"

"Chaise Longue"
11"x 14"

"Geranium in Winter"
12"x 16"

"Inner Room"
30"x 40"

Painting on location
in La Barengerie

"Wine and Roses"
30"x 40"

"Morning Light"
30"x 40"

"Studio Corner"
11"x 14"

Night Lig"Studio Wall"
16"x 20"

"Winter Nights"
30"x 40"

"One Clear Moment"
36"x 36"

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