Enlarge Judge David Lynch Scott Elliott Howell Harris William Playfair James "Dublin" Rodgers Sid Hooper William Stewart Walter Huckvale Hull foreman Mr. Riley A. R. Springett L. B. Cochrane Captain James G. Gordon Patrick Burns Bill Metcalfe W. Findlater unidentified cowboy Andy Gordon John Ware H. A. "Dusty" Rhodes Richard Porter Dr. Harry Goodsir Mckid Mrs. George Lane George Lane Archie McLean Emmeline (Banister) Hull William Roper Hull Helen Rothney MacLeod Cross Mary (Drever) MacLeod A. E. Cross
The event of the 1901 Bull Sale in Calgary was a large social occasion for a generation of true pioneers, some absolute heroes in the history of the area, famed for their courage and tenacity in a harsh, very remote landscape.

Figures portrayed in the mural were drawn from old photo archives, mostly from the Glenbow Foundation, Calgary. Whether all these were present at the first Spring Bull sale itís likely many were and all would have had a keen interest.

The mural is a symbolic representation of the event. Unknowns included show the wide variety of individuals involved in the cattle business at the time.
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