Assembled mural - 20' x 40'

This mural had to be done indoors, in a restricted area on sheets of material that were four feet by eight feet each. The panels are to be assembled later in a permanent location.

The above picture is constructed from 25 photos of individual panels.
The mural was done in December, 2012.
Pictured here are two 4 8 ft. panels on an 'easel' which would hold four panels.

These two panels show parts of the 'faux' frame being painted.

Easels were constructed for the three mural projects to be undertaken in this space. Each easel would hold four panels at once, 2 wide, 2 high, lying horizontally. Four panels of the Bull Sale mural can be seen on the left.
Here four panels are assembled to make one 8' x 16' section of the 20' x 40' mural.
To ensure continuity it was necessary to constantly rearrange panels on easel.
With four panels being worked on at a time, 21 other panels were spread to dry elsewhere in the building. There was no possibility of seeing the mural as a whole.

In order to see an approximation of the whole we carefully photographed each panel and pasted prints together to make a composite. Photo above is constructed in this way.

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My back-up.
Debbie kept the site clear and clean, kept the crew, me,
supplied with food, coffee and encouragement.

She also researched the original Bull Sale event of 1901 and found much authentic photo reference.
I couldn't do anything without her.

Mural installed in final location.