Larry Foden
Larry Foden was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario. He has worked as an artist and instructor in Toronto and Vancouver in the fields of theatre, stage decoration, interior design, but always returning to his first love, painting.

Larry moved to Galiano in 1991. Living in a cottage by the seaside overlooking Georgia Strait, he and canine companion, Jenny, explore Galiano's distinctive rocky coastline daily. His painting draws from this experience but also from something deeper in the mind. He richly renders convolutions of eroded rock and driftwood against the extreme quiet and subtlety of misty ocean and distant vague land forms. The eye is easily caught in labyrinths of rocky form, finding images that avoid precise definition as in clouds. The paintings mingle things solid, immovable and enduring as well as things active, and ever changing in a provocatively haunting way.